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AREA is at the frontier of optimising the potential of African real estate investment opportunities. We have the experience, expertise, local network and independence to source, develop and manage profitable, sustainable property investment opportunities for companies and individuals. We help multi-nationals in search of real estate growth with a plan for strategic expansion.

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Corporate real estate advisory

We provide comprehensive support to companies and institutions that want to capitalise on real estate investment opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, we have pioneered many of the leading real estate investments in this region. We offer our clients specialist financial, legal, tax and regulatory advice services. What gives our advisory services an edge is that we will also help structure deals and implement the advice that we provide.


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Development management

Our in-depth knowledge of Sub-Saharan Africa and strong local partnerships enable us to source and explore a range of profitable opportunities – our track record and on-the-ground experience provide evidence of this. In addition, our in-house expertise covers the complete spectrum of real estate development management, including knowledge of the procurement process and de-risking as it applies to Africa specifically.


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Fund and asset management

We follow a proven approach to real estate and infrastructure asset management, in the context of the risks specific to the property industry. This means we are able to be very efficient and cost-effective in the way that we operate, maintain, upgrade and dispose of assets. As a result, we are able to optimise investment returns for our clients.


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